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Raising kids is demanding under normal circumstances, and living through a pandemic is NOT normal. Is it...




Earned Our Trust

I have plenty of examples of how she was there for my wife and I especially during the birth of our first child. She is one of the few people that my wife and I will continue to turn to for marital guidance and counselling.

-Moses M.


She is not afraid to suggest new and fresh perspectives on dating and marriage.  When I was single, Lily encouraged me to think outside of the box and look for qualities that would lead to longevity and true compatibility for a life partnership.

-Brittanie D.

An Eye Opener

Love'n You helped me get in touch with a Christian counselor and this has been of tremendous help to me personally and my marriage. This has been an eye opener for me to see things in a different perspective and to be able to understand myself better and my partner. My marriage is on a new path thanks to Love'n You.

-Rachel M.

Lily B. Donkor
Founder & Director

Lily B. Donkor is the brains and heart of Love'n You. She is passionate about sharing real stories that normalize the hills, valleys and God-sized waiting seasons of life. She struggled in the first few years of marriage and lamented not having a go-to resource that addressed her unique challenges. She also wanted to know how other families could successfully handle the loss of a loved one, finances, childbirth, emotional or mental isolation in the context of Christian marriage and community.  These desires gave birth to ForBetter.

Lily is an author, host and facilitator. She facilitates people's process to find greater fulfillment in their personal, partnered, and professional relationships.

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