Tacos, anyone?

Mexican and American tacos may be called by the same name, but they are far from identical. Are you for the handcrafted traditionally made fresh corn tortillas, or do you prefer the limitless creative options American 'tacos' provide?

How Do You Identify?

We can all agree that knowing the difference in tacos is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. But knowing the difference between a Christian and non-Christian marriage makes all the difference. How you identify your union speaks volumes about your eternal perspective. Christian couples often scorn their partnerships with statements like, "He/she is not a Christian, and they treat their spouse better." or "We've believed God, but they (the unsaved) are doing much better than we are." These statements may seem harmless or even rational, but they are not! They call into question God's role and design for us, His children. We compare apples to oranges in a juvenile attempt to delegitimize our need to live up to God's proven standards. Do you want to know the worst part? This false comparison steals our JOY.

The often-cited 2008 Berna Research Group study claiming a 50% divorce rate in the church is untrue. That number was a projection that researchers thought could happen after states passed no-fault divorce laws. Yet, countless Christians used these states to buttress the sentiment, 'what's the advantage of a Christian marriage.' It is high time you stop beating yourself over the head with this yardstick. Stop beating yourself up. Period! Your joy is hiding behind the false image of happiness you have bought into, and it is time to get it back.


  1. Am I striving to impress anyone in my life besides God?

  2. Am I expecting my spouse to satisfy God-sized needs(emotional, spiritual, life outcomes, etc.)?

  3. When I am disappointed in my spouse, what is my first instinct?

The answers to these questions are a starting point in identifying your heart's state towards God's marriage plan.

My Prayer for Us

Heavenly Father, thank you that I know you. I am grateful for the gift and joy of salvation. Help me enjoy the blessing and joy of salvation in every area of my life- including my marriage. Amen.

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