Let's Celebrate

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

2020 has been a doozy. I think we can collectively agree that everyone needs a nap: a long, well-deserved rest. No one could have predicted the twists and turns January 2020 had laying wait for us. Phew.

But it was not all bad. An acquaintance, who also happens to be a pastor's wife, hesitantly admitted that this year has been a huge blessing for her, and I exclaimed, "Me Too!". We then shared what we were grateful to God for individually, and turns out on top of both of our lists was the forced opportunity to revisit and reset priorities. We both recognized how God had given us enough to live a fruitful life, but we complicated matters somewhere along the way. We bought into the lies, distractions and detractions of the enemy and 2020 came along to sound the alarm. Ain't God good?!

It's as if, although brief, the chaos and disorder all stopped. We could collect our thoughts and find our bearings. We could more clearly identify the thieves of our joy, the squanderers of our time, and the swindler of our priorities. It is a great feeling to see through the lies and behold God's best for you!

Guess what?! I am lifting the curtain off an entire set of lies in my first book! I cannot wait to celebrate our liberty in truth with an official book launch on December 12th at noon EST. Mark your calendars and meet me on Facebook and IG Live on 12/12 at 12 EST for the release of "My Fruit is Magical. Overcome the 8 Lies That Keep You Single or Unhappy. You Can Have The Love Story You Want!".

Let's celebrate!

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