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What Is God Doing?

Hi friend,

Many of you are off to a great start this year and have shaken off the 2020 blues. The renewed focus towards home and family is widespread, as evidenced in blogs, conversations within my network and consumer spending trends. Our bank statements are telling the tales of self-development apps, books, and courses; and they are showing the commitment to beautify our kitchens, gardens and family rooms.

Many, myself included, are re-evaluating priorities and finding joy in what has been there all along- our relationships. I earnestly believe our heavenly Father is pleased. If you have not found your stride yet, perhaps asking yourself a few questions can help you get started.

1. Am I reflecting God's Kingdom in my relationships?

2. What can I do this week to serve my loved ones?

3. Have I clung to an idea of who I'm supposed to be instead of who God is making me into?


- Choose one question and commit to hearing God's response to it.

- Be intentional about recognizing God this year through His word and leading.

I was blessed by 1 Peter 5:8-11 this morning, and I hope it ministers to you as well. If you would like resources on connecting deeper with God, do let us know by replying to this email.

At Love'n You, we want you to live a life that actively desires what God desires for you. We want to share how the Love and person of God manifests in your journey this side of heaven. We are about His Love and You- Love'n You.

Until next time, be safe and take care.


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